Why self publish your cookbook?

Chefs, restaurants, bloggers and food companies are now more likely to choose to self publish rather than taking a traditional publishing route.


As long as you have your own platform or following, self-publishing provides you with the opportunity for retaining the profits from your book sales, while retaining creative control over how your brand is represented to the world.


Book publishing is a complex process and Bay Road Media enables you to self publish under the advice and guidance of your team who understand every aspect of cookbook production, distribution and marketing.


In terms of distribution: You choose. We can organise distribution of your book through traditional outlets (bookshops) and help you sell through your own website and established Internet retailers. You can repurpose your content to use it on your website, social media and video. You can licence your content to other publishers internationally by selling international rights.

To discuss more about how you can self-publish your next cookbook, and whether it might work for you contact us.